Advanced NeverDie BMS V9 with iONbus® technology
iONbus® combines two independent data channels, RV-C CAN and Optoloop®, into a single network, which provides redundancy required by strict safety standards such as UL1973, while also increasing amount and quality of the cell level data available to better manage customer’s experience.
BMS V9 User Guide
BMS V9 Single Channel Datasheet
BMS V9 Dual Channel Datasheet
Lithionics IonBus Overview
iONbus Connectors and Topology Diagrams
BMS Accessory Wiring Harness
BMS V9 High Capacity System Topology
Lithionics Battery NMEA2000 Module Guide
Technical Specifications
12.8V to 102.4V (4S-32S)
Amperage Continuous
400A (requires 350MCM or 2x 4/0 cables per terminal, with single 4/0 connection rating is 325A) *BMS monitors contactor temperature rise, alarms at 130C, disconnects at 148C
iONbus (M12 Connector)
Combines OptoLoop and CANbus RV-C technology into one circular connector. Replaces previous generation OptoLoop and TIS Temperature Sensors.
AMPSEAL-14 Functions (Support depends on specific AMPSEAL-14 wire harness)
FCC, AGSR, Remote Lighted Reset, Alarm, Battery Low LED, E-Stop, RS232, Aux. Power (AC-Sense)
Included, all supported voltages
Dual Channel Option
Yes, for separate Charge and Discharge DC busses
Includes App (iOS, Android). Monitoring, Datalogging, Firmware Updates, PIN Security
Protection Features
Reserve, Pack Over and Under Voltage, Cell Over and Under Voltage, Cell Over and Under Temperature, Contactor Over-Temperature, Contactor State, Short Circuit, Over Current, Pre-charge
Optional Features
Dual Channel, RS232 (but removes Bluetooth), Ethernet TCP/IP, E-Stop, IONGage
Easily Integrates With
NCC CANbus Chargers, IonGage Display, IonGate for Victron Cerbo Support, Wakespeed WS500 Alternator Regulator
8.0 lbs
Overall: 13.0" x 23.74" x 4.0"Enclosure only: 11.25" x 7.0" x 4.0"
IP Rating
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