NeverDie® Battery Management System

Lithionics Battery’s NeverDie® Battery Management System is a proprietary design featuring protective safety features, as well as status and state-of-charge monitoring. The NeverDie® Battery Management System is standard on all Lithionics Battery® systems to ensure your lithium batteries are operated within their rated specifications. This increases the lifespan of your battery system and protects your valuable investment. Unlike many competitors which offer lower quality MOSFET based BMS designs, Lithionics Battery® uses heavy duty contactors for BMS on/off switching controlled by a custom microprocessor. This allows for continuous current ratings of up to 400A to match the high performance of your lithium battery module.

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State-of-Charge (SOC) Meter

To accurately monitor your Lithionics Battery® system, we recommend the use of our SOC display with our advanced series NeverDie® Battery Management system. The local SOC display connects to your NeverDie® Battery Management system through a standard 24ft cable to allow for remote mounting and monitoring. The SOC display provides vital information about your battery, including: live voltage, amperage (with current direction), state-of-charge percent, amp hours remaining, a graphical fuel gauge, temperature, status code, programming menus and more.

Bluetooth® Telemetry

Lithionics Battery® is now offering an optional Bluetooth® transmitter feature on our NeverDie® Battery Management System. Monitor battery voltage, state-of-charge, temperature, current, and status code remotely from your mobile device. Available for download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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OptoLoop® Circuit

The NeverDie® BMS uses a proprietary communication circuit called OptoLoop® distributed between each lithium cell and the main BMS unit. This allows for unique flexibility in building large battery systems from multiple modules, connected by the OptoLoop® circuit.

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