High Voltage

Lithionics Battery® provides experience in offering battery systems up to 500V. With human safety being such an important factor, we offer recommendations for battery configurations including lock-out / tag-out battery disconnect switches, and safe plug-and-play wire harness connection methods. In addition to safety, our Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery systems offer the most reliable and consistent power delivery on the market, using the highest quality metals for discharge and recharge efficiency.

To plan your high voltage setup, follow the project evaluation link below. A Lithionics Battery® staff member will work one on one with you throughout the design and production process of your system.

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Lithionics Battery® is a USA based team staffed with application and design engineers with years of industry experience. If a standard battery solution does not meet your energy or size requirements, our staff is available to assist you throughout the design and production process to offer a custom battery solution to meet your needs.

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Unlock the power of energy independence wherever you are, no matter what you are doing! To learn more about lithium replacement systems for your application, contact Lithionics Battery®. Be sure to consult our sales team for recommended charging methods.

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