Group 31 Drop-in Industry Performance Evaluation

Typical Specifications: 12V100A
Lithionics Specifications: 12V130A-G31
Lithionics ADVANTAGE
Usable Capacity 1,280 Watt-hours 1,600 Watt-hours 30% more energy in the same Group 31 case
Power Reserve Not Available Yes, NeverDie® Power Reserve 10% energy reserve with a button push
Internal Resistance (mΩ) 6.2mΩ 3.5mΩ 44% more efficient: lower heat, longer battery life, more power flow
Weight 31.8lbs/14.42kg 33.4lbs/15.15kg 30% more energy for 5% more weight
Energy Density 88Wh/kg 105Wh/kg More energy for its weight
Volume 12.75 x 6.875 x 9 = 789in2 12.5 x 6.5 x 8.46 = 687in2 13% smaller volume with 30% more energy
Surge Discharge Rate 200 Amps for 30 seconds 400 Amps for 30 seconds TWICE the surge capability for heavy loads
Bluetooth NO Bluetooth 5.0 BLE Use the free app to view Voltage, Amperage, SoC%, Status Codes and more
State-of-Charge (SoC) Percentage NO YES, via free App Quickly know how much energy is left
Protective Functions High/Low Voltage, High/Low Temperature, Short
Circuit Protection
UL Compliant Protective Safety Functions including High-Low Voltage, High-Low Temperature, Short Circuit and Over-Current UL Compliant functions are safer and increase cycle life
Designed for Engine Cranking NO YES Reliable Back-Up Engine Starting
Cranking Amps Rating NO Rating 1,000 Amps High Cranking Amps
Voltage Quality at 100 Amp Load 12.3V 12.6V Less voltage sag means more efficiency
On/Off Button NO YES Turn loads on/off directly from battery, safe installation with battery off
LED Indicator NO YES Indicates Battery ON State, Flashes During Faults
Wireless Troubleshooting NO YES Status Codes indicate the state of the battery instead of guessing

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