World’s First and/or World’s Only Features:

-Bluetooth® APP and IonGage® Tracks State of Charge, State of Health, Battery Life and Diagnostics

-The industry’s Best Warranty: Tracked Daily and User Friendly

-In-the-field BMS Firmware Upgrades- for-Life via the Bluetooth® APP

-RV-C CANbus telemetry for Silverleaf / Spyder / Firefly / Wakespeed integration

-Plug & Play Modular Expansion: the External BMS Controls Up to 6 Modules, Expandable by the Customer in Under 5 Minutes

-The NeverDie® Power Reserve: On-Battery + Remote Control Push-Button Access to 10% Extra Energy

-Back-Up Engine-Cranking Capable: Highest Surge Ratings of Any Battery

-UL Listed to 1642, 1973, 991, 508, 1998, 157 The Highest Level of Safety Certifications

-Multi-Million-Dollar Product Liability Insurance Policy (Liberty Mutual) for the RV/Work Truck/Yacht Owner!

-Internal Automatic Heater Kit, the First to be UL Listed for Safety, for All-Weather Operation and Storage

-Powder-Coated Aircraft Grade Aluminum Enclosure, UL Crush/Crash Tested to 22,000 lbs and 150G Impact: Ultra Light Weight Vs Heavy Steel Enclosures or Non-Fireproof Low-Cost Plastics.

-UL Certified Safe to Install Inside the RV, Yacht, Cabins, and All Living Spaces: NO Combustible or Toxic Vapors

-UL Listed at All Voltages: 12, 24 and 48 Volts (Ready for the Future)

-Battery sizes from 130 to 1,260 Amp Hours

-World’s Highest Density and Smallest Size per Square / Cubic Inch

-True USA Factory Providing Design Engineering, Firmware Coding, Assembly and Certified Testing

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Unlock the power of energy independence!

Unlock the power of energy independence wherever you are, no matter what you are doing! To learn more about the NeverDie® Battery Management System and your optimal solution, contact Lithionics Battery®.

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