House Power

Lithionics Battery’s Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery system with NeverDie® Battery Management System technology will revolutionize your dry-camping experience. Cut down on generator run time and minimize charging time with an advanced Lithionics Battery® solution for your RV house power needs. Be sure to pair your lithium battery with approved inverter/charger and solar charge controller equipment to maximize your charge efficiency and battery life.

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Generator Replacement

Complete generator replacement is now an option thanks to advancements in lithium battery and charging technology. Lithionics Battery’s Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery system with the NeverDie® Battery Management System can be used with popular dedicated alternator options and solar charge controllers. Lithium battery systems provide weight savings, higher energy density, and less maintenance cost over generator use and/or common lead acid battery options.

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Find your Lithium Battery Solution

Unlock the power of energy independence wherever you are, no matter what you are doing! To learn more about lithium replacement systems for your application, contact Lithionics Battery®. Be sure to consult our sales team for recommended charging methods.

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