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I wanted to say how thrilled we are with the battery performance. To say this was a game changer for our cruising lifestyle doesn’t do it justice. We have gone all summer without plugging the boat in and have only run the generator about 20 hours. We run the air or heat as needed and no worries! Thanks for having the perfect fit for us!.


My lithium ion battery usage was a five-year test under very “real” conditions. While we did not abuse the batteries in any way, we also did not “baby” them at all. My theory was they had to function in all “RVing” conditions ranging from being covered with dirt/dust from Canadian and Alaskan construction to lots of rain mist everywhere. In cold and hot weather, they had to function. The batteries took us to Newfoundland, to Alaska (twice), to Yuma, and to Key West. They took us to EVERY state (okay, 49 of them), plus 10 Canadian provinces and one of their territories—and never failed us.

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About RVing

We really like the Lithionics Battery Management system (BMS) as it offers some protection from over charging, under charging and provides two isolated channels to the batteries. They also have a dedicated FCC circuit that connects from the BMS to our Alternator controllers which can shut them down in case of overcharging without damaging the diodes.

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Sailing Sandstar Crew
Sailing Sandstar: Our Refit

I really can’t say enough good things about Lithionics as a company. Having worked with a lot of different lithium battery manufacturers over the last few years, I can say from experience that what these guys are doing really is something special. Stephen’s personal involvement to ensure the success of each and every battery build speaks volumes to his integrity and the product speaks for itself!

Thank you guys for the support on our off-grid mobile medical clinic project. This was a great humanitarian project that will supply power to mobile clinics across Puerto Rico. Looking forward to our next project!

Project Manager, EPX Group

We’ve been using the battery in our coach for 6 months and I have been extremely happy with its performance! We heavily rely on the battery, and it has not let us down. While some extra capacity would be nice, 400 has been adequate. We took delivery of our coach in June, and have been traveling since. I had some initial trouble fitting the battery in the coach. I was short a half an inch of vertical clearance in the battery compartment. I ended up running a long 4/0 cable to a different storage bay. Calculations and rough tests show a 2% voltage drop at 150A, which I am satisfied with.

I set up my system with a Magnum inverter/charger and added a outback solar charger with 960 watts of panels. When the sun is shining and we’re not in the shade, we have all the power we could ever need. With no solar and minor conservation, we can go just over 2 days before having to start the generator. In six months, we’ve run the battery down to 10% twice.

Engineer, RV Solar System

I selected a battery system from Lithionics. I liked their system as it seemed to address the safety issues best. Lithionics has developed a system that monitors and balances each cell, right at the cell. It is a system that scales well to larger capacities, end to higher voltages. I grilled Steve Tartaglia, the CEO of Lithionics mercilessly over technical issues and I always received answers that made sense to me.

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Lithium Ion Batteries for Boats: Fact or Flame

This was a tricky design process in which a few space problems cropped up we had not thought of—a 144-inch wheelbase Sprinter leaves little room to place both batteries along with wiring and outlets, etc, at least for my requirements. But it is now down and fully functional. This is the most capable battery system (by far) ever installed…

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The Wind in my Face

…After months of researching various brands and sizes, Lithionics stood out for a few reasons:

  1. Their engineering team was ready and willing to talk many times
  2. They are designed and built in the US with high quality parts (they have UL and UN DOT safety testing)
  3. They have an internal heater solution that draws very little power and will allow us to run in very cold temperatures as the battery will stay within charging range
  4. They have an advanced battery management system (BMS) that has tons of bells and whistles (most of which we will not use), but will protect the battery from getting damaged under all circumstances. 


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    Abby, Once Upon a Time


It was great to sit down with them in their facility and ask a ton of questions that we had about lithium ion technology.  We also got to see a bit of where the manufacturing happens right here in Clearwater, FL…

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The Story of Wally the Airstream

We felt good about choosing Lithionics batteries for our electrical upgrade project on our Nordhavn.   After meeting with Stephan and Phil yesterday, we feel more confident than ever that we have made the right choice. It was quite an education yesterday learning how rigorous the UL testing and certification process is.  It was also fascinating to learn the technology behind why it is virtually impossible for one of these batteries to catch fire.