Starting Point

2008 to 2009: Research and Development for Cell Safety Systems

2009: Lithionics Battery® becomes the first USA company to pass UN DOT 38.3 Safety Standards

2010: Lithionics Battery® moves into a 5,000 Square Foot Prototype Build Facility

2011: Added 5,000 Square Feet. BMS Version 2 Released.

2012: NeverDie® BMS Technology Developed. BMS Version 3 Released. Lithionics Battery® becomes World’s First Company to 100% Load Test and Certify All Batteries Produced.

Industry Growth

2013: Plug & Play System Released. BMS Version 4 Released. 8D Battery Reaches 400 Amp Hours.

2014: Ethernet TCP/IP Telemetry Released. Lithionics Battery® releases World’s First Bi-Directional BMS Launched. BMS Version 5 Released. 8D Battery Reaches 450 Amp Hours.

2015: World’s First 12V600A Battery Launched. 370 and 480 Volt Systems Released. BMS Version 6 Released. 8D Battery Reaches 600 Amp Hours.

2016: Design and Construction of a new 20,000 Square Foot Facility Completed. Design and Launch of the ionGen (Generator Replacement) System for the Marine and RV industry.

Continuous Improvement

2017: SlimPack and FlatPack Series Launched. BMS Version 8 Released. Clean Power Auto and Lithionics Battery® Merge. Lithionics Battery® Applies for UL1973, 157, 508, 991 and 1998. 100% FLIR Thermal Imaging QC Tests Implemented. 100% System Impedance QC Tests Implemented.

2018: Lithionics Battery® is now the World’s First Company to become UL Listed for both Stationary and Motive Test Standards at 12, 24, 48 and 51 Volts. MGA Research Tests and Approves Lithionics Battery® 7.7 Kilowatt-Hour GT Series Batteries. Lithionics Battery® Releases the Low-Profile BMS V5 Series. Status Code APP Released. Bluetooth Launched. Company Launches a 15 Kilowatt-Hour Battery (12V1200A and 51V300A).

2019-2021: 10,000 Square Feet Added to Facility.