Starting Point

2008 to 2009: Research and Development for Cell Safety Systems

2009: Lithionics Battery® becomes the first USA company to pass UN DOT 38.3 Safety Standards

2010: Lithionics Battery® moves into a 5,000 Square Foot Prototype Build Facility

2011: Added 5,000 Square Feet of Assembly Space to build facility. BMS Version 2 Released.

2012: NeverDie® BMS Technology Developed. BMS Version 3 Released. Lithionics Battery® becomes World’s First Company to 100% Load Test and Certify All Batteries Produced.

Industry Growth

2013: Plug & Play System Released. BMS Version 4 Released. 8D Battery Reaches 400 Amp Hours.

2014: Ethernet TCP/IP Telemetry Released. Lithionics Battery® releases World’s First Bi-Directional BMS Launched. BMS Version 5 Released. 8D Battery Reaches 450 Amp Hours.

2015: World’s First 12V600A Battery Launched. 370 and 480 Volt Systems Released. BMS Version 6 Released. 8D Battery Reaches 600 Amp Hours.

2016: Design and Construction of a new 20,000 Square Foot Facility Completed. Factory Relocated to current Clearwater, Florida Address. Design and Launch of the eGen (Generator Replacement) System for the Marine and RV industry.

Continuous Improvement

2017: SlimPack and FlatPack Series Launched. BMS Version 8 Released. Clean Power Auto and Lithionics Battery® Merge. Lithionics Battery® Applies for UL1973, 157, 508, 991 and 1998. 100% FLIR Thermal Imaging QC Tests Implemented. 100% System Impedance QC Tests Implemented.

2018: Lithionics Battery® is now the World’s First Company to become UL Listed for both Stationary and Motive Test Standards at 12, 24, 48 and 51 Volts. MGA Research Tests and Approves Lithionics Battery® 7.7 Kilowatt-Hour GT Series Batteries. Lithionics Battery® Releases the Low-Profile BMS V5 Series. Status Code APP Released. Bluetooth Launched. Company Launches a 15 Kilowatt-Hour Battery (12V1200A and 51V300A).

2019-2021: 10,000 Square Feet Added to factory.