Lithionics Battery’s Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery system with NeverDie® Battery Management System technology offers a robust and modular system design to be used in a variety of commercial applications such as: UPS back-up, off-grid storage, telecommunications, portable power, disaster relief, diesel idle reduction, and more.

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Lithionics Battery® offers safe and reliable Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery systems to support your off-grid or grid-tied home energy storage needs. Offering 99% recharge efficiency, our lithium battery systems capture the precious energy generated by your solar and wind charging sources to reduce recharge time and generator use. Able to be integrated with popular inverter/charger models, Lithionics Battery® offers a modular parallel system design that lets you easily install, service, or add-on additional capacity in the future.

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Lithionics Battery® now offers a compact 7.68kWh Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate which can be mounted in the popular U-Rack cabinet. Available from the EPX Group®, the system is paired with a pre-wired hybrid inverter/charger, power distribution module, and an external NeverDie® Battery Management System- ready to go.

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