Lithionics Battery® has addressed and corrected many of the fundamental safety and stability issues of traditional Lithium-Ion batteries while managing to provide some of the highest energy densities of virtually any Lithium-Ion product on the market. The advantages beyond the increase in power and battery life – such as lower costs and reduced waste – means that not only are our batteries better, but we designed them the right way.

± We will offer the widest range of stored energy solutions superior in power, weight and durability. But always with this priority: safety first.

± We will produce the most versatile battery management systems that provide world class and world best integration into our customer’s current and future products.

± New age energy solutions that pioneer new savings, new technologies, and new markets that are not possible with current battery technology.   

Next generation lithium-ion battery technology lasts longer, charges faster and is more environmentally friendly than any other battery available today. Not only are Lithionics Battery® products leapfrogging existing performance and cost standards, but we’re doing it the right way – by addressing the critical global need for safer forms of energy and large-scale renewable energy storage.

Lithionics Battery® is driven by our mission to bring modern power to modern machines. By leveraging over 30 years of factory automation and custom fabrication experience, our company produces batteries that deliver a longer life, a faster recharge, are safer and environmental friendly. Best of all, these batteries are designed and built inside the same country – the United States of America! Our breakthrough platform, advanced manufacturing expertise and experienced leadership are providing solutions that power all types of end applications – ranging from consumer electronics to the safe electrification of transportation and next-generation utility storage.

Lithionics Battery® also has its own in house Graphics Suite. Not only do we engineer with a passion, but we just as much design with a passion. Our very own design team continually brings innovative ideas to the drawing board.


About our Technology

Objective: Build the strongest battery in the world.
Measurement: Cranking Amps per Kg.
Result: 759 Cranking Amps in 1.5 Kg


Objective: Build the longest lasting battery in the world.
Measurement: Cycle Life.
Result: Up to 3,000 Cycles


Objective: Build the best battery management system in the world, by providing reserve emergency energy.
Measurement: Cranking Amps, Low Parasitic Drain.
Result: 2,000 Cranking Amps; 800 Micro-Amps Draw



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