Steven Tartaglia


In 2008, Steven Tartaglia embarked on his exploration of lithium research and development. Just a year later, in 2009, Lithionics Battery® achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first American company to successfully meet the UN DOT 38.3 Safety Standards. The following year, in 2010, Lithionics Battery® marked another significant step in its journey as it located to its inaugural building, a spacious manufacturing facility. During the same year, the company also welcomed a substantial number of new hires, setting the stage for the remarkable success that Lithionics Battery® has enjoyed ever since.

Dimitri Butvinik

Chief Engineer

Dimitri stands as a devoted husband and a father, raising his son to also become an engineer, continuing a long-standing family legacy. When he’s not working, he actively embraces hiking and RV adventures. Dimitri’s early interest in electronics and battery technology as a child ultimately shaped his career in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. A 2007 documentary “Who Killed Electric Car” pushed Dimitri into lithium battery technology and vehicle electrification market, leading him to join forces with Lithionics Battery® as a Chief Engineer. Dimitri plays a pivotal role in designing our unique NeverDie BMS and IonBus communication technology, cementing Lithionics Battery’s leadership in the lithium industry.

Anthony Clock

Vice President of Operations

Anthony is a highly motivated individual eagerly anticipating his upcoming role as a “husband.” His greatest joys revolve around travel and music, usually enjoyed in the company of his significant other. It was his deep appreciation for the outdoors and commitment to conservation that initially attracted him to our green energy company. Anthony became a valuable member of the Lithionics Battery® Team in January 2013. With a bachelor’s degree in finance and business management earned from the University of South Florida, Anthony’s impact to the company remains at the forefront of all his obligations. He has successfully introduced numerous Kaizen initiatives into our purchasing, warehousing, and logistics departments. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in launching new finance and MRP systems that have been instrumental in the remarkable growth of Lithionics Battery®.


Austin Silberhorn

Vice President of Manufacturing

Austin, a trailblazing force at Lithionics Battery® since its inception in 2010, stands at the intersection of technology and artistry. His passion for both music and programming has allowed him to craft a unique synergy between the two worlds. As the company’s inaugural employee, Austin’s growth within the company is a testament to his unwavering commitment and exceptional problem-solving skills. His innovative spirit drove him to expand his skill set into CAD design and engineering, driven by a deep love for analytical data. His deep expertise and passion for innovation ensure that the company remains a leading player in the ever-evolving world of Clean Energy. Austin’s story is not just one of professional development, but a testament to the harmony that can be achieved between technology and artistry.

Neisha M. Jones

Vice President of Human Resources

Neisha, a devoted wife and a loving mother to two dogs, deeply values her Latin heritage and adores the enchanting world of Harry Potter. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in Human Resources Management, she embarked on her journey with Lithionics Battery® in October 2021. In her current role, Neisha is not only a guiding light behind the company’s growth and employee well-being but also extends her influence beyond corporate walls with community-focused events that make a positive impact. As a key member of the Senior Leadership team, Neisha plays a pivotal role in executing the company’s vision, strategy, and values. Her work attracts, develops, and retains top talent, ensuring a strong and thriving workplace culture at Lithionics Battery®. Her commitment to both her professional and community roles exemplifies her dedication to making a meaningful difference.

Christopher Grandinetti

Financial Director

Christopher, a devoted spouse and father to two boys, balances family life with a passion for golfing, scuba diving, and the outdoors. Notably, he holds the title of the two-time pepper-eating champion of Norfolk, VA, an achievement that adds a unique flavor to his diverse interests. Christopher earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of South Carolina-Aiken while actively engaged in college baseball. With over 13 years of experience in operations finance and leadership, Christopher has a solid background. His portfolio includes supporting private corporations, offering expertise in financial planning, analysis, and a specialization in Mergers and Acquisitions. In October 2023, Christopher embraced a new chapter, joining the Lithionics Team as the Financial Director. Known for his dedicated nature and optimistic outlook, Christopher is a valuable addition to the Team.

Christopher Hakimian

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Meet Christopher, one of the main driving forces behind Lithionics Battery’s success. He’s a family man with an enthusiasm for tech and a dexterity for tinkering. Prior to joining our company, Christopher enjoyed his time with BMW and Lexus working in advanced automotive diagnostics. His background in electronics brought him to Lithionics Battery®. Since 2011, Christopher continues to bring expertise and devotion to our Team. He is known for his plethora of knowledge, blending electrical and mechanical design aspects into his everyday tasks. Christopher transforms concept ideas into existence, prioritizes safety, and secures UL certifications. His visionary approach ensures that Lithionics Battery® remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

Ashley Pavich

Quality Manager

Ashley finds immense joy in nature and takes pride in being a devoted mother to her three wonderful children. She has a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and relishes her downtime delving into history’s rich tapestry. Known for her ability to inspire teams, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering pursuit of excellence, Ashley pursued her education at Pasco Hernando State College, where she majored in Engineering Technology Principles. Ashley leverages these principles to drive ongoing enhancements through established quality objectives, displaying a fervent commitment to overcoming challenges. As a Quality Manager, she channels her enduring passion for leading by example to foster growth and development across all facets of Lithionics Battery’s quality standards.

Philip Silberhorn

Sales Manager

Philip Silberhorn treasures his family, including his wife and four grown children. Apart from family time, he finds joy in music creation and multi-track sequencing keyboards. His love for the outdoors includes tennis and beach activities. He also has a fondness for animals, but will not reveal how many he actually has. Professionally, Philip serves as the Sales Manager at Lithionics Battery®. He oversees marketing and sales strategies, manages a team of product managers, and plays a key role in expanding the company’s partnerships. His strengths lie in fostering excellent customer relations. Philip continues to provide top-notch technical support, and contributing to the development of critical components, like the internal heater system which has driven the company’s success.

Reuben Macias

Business Development Manager

Reuben exudes an extroverted personality that thrives on social interactions, driven by his belief that there’s always something valuable to learn from every interaction. His greatest joy in life comes from his two lively children and his fun-loving, wonderful wife. When Reuben isn’t engaged in expos, conducting factory tours, or delivering top-notch service to Lithionics Battery’s esteemed clientele, you’ll likely find him enjoying the thrill of Jeeping with the doors off, lounging by the pool, or sharing laughter with a houseful of friends. With two decades of sales and marketing experience, Reuben dedicates his boundless energy to understanding market trends and collaborating with engineers to deliver robust power solutions with Lithionics Battery®.

Brianna Hakimian

Graphics Design

Brianna is a devoted mother of two, who promotes a natural lifestyle and an admirer of Walt Disney. She is a versatile artist with a deep-rooted creative passion. Her artistic journey began with a love for photography during her teenage years, which evolved into expertise in graphic design, web design, and video production. In 2011, she earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree and swiftly joined Lithionics Battery® following graduation. Brianna describes her position in visual design as therapeutic, by providing a balance between creativity and corporate discipline. She thrives on the daily adventure of designing and perfecting new tasks. Brianna plays a pivotal role in maintaining communication between different departments, and fosters authenticity within the company. Her unwavering dedication and skill make her an invaluable asset to Lithionics Battery®.

Carly Sigears

Executive Assistant to the President

Carly possesses a well-rounded skill set, including strong analytical abilities, efficient staff and office management, a proven track record in sales, and a knack for event coordination. She earned her Business Administration degree in 2013 and joined the Lithionics Battery® Team in June 2023, bringing a wealth of experience from various industries, including Academics, Automotive, and Finance. Beyond the workplace, Carly is an avid enthusiast of theme parks and sports cars, often exploring Florida’s attractions with her fiancé and two children. In her current capacity as the Executive Assistant to President Steve Tartaglia, Carly plays a pivotal role as the primary point of contact for all communication with him. With over a decade of experience in diverse environments, she ensures the highest level of care for both Lithionics Battery® customers and staff, contributing significantly to the company’s ongoing success.

Damita Alston

Safety and Wellness Coordinator

Damita, a devoted cat owner, takes pride in honoring her African American and Native-American heritage in all aspects of her life. Her boundless creativity finds expression through her deep passion for sewing, a love for nature, and a commitment to health. She embraces an active lifestyle, often running and biking along nature trails and the beach. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in alternative medicine, Damita aspires to empower as many individuals as possible to achieve and maintain good health. Joining the Lithionics Battery® Team in August 2021, Damita has made remarkable professional strides. Beginning as an apprentice technician, she has demonstrated remarkable resilience and unwavering dedication to her work, the company, and her colleagues. In her role as Safety Coordinator, she remains steadfast in her commitment to enhancing safety and health for everyone within Lithionics Battery®.

Hermann Andrew Wiemers

Manufacturing Manager

Hermann, shares his life with his wife and their English bulldog Hercules. He spends his free time walking trails and exploring many Florida state parks. He also loves camping with his family. Hermann’s journey at Lithionics Battery® began in 2015 when he joined the company as a technician. With a passion for motorcycles and cars that had fueled his life since childhood, Hermann’s career was set to soar. His expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence propelled him through the ranks, and in a relatively short span of time, he leveled up to Manufacturing Manager. Hermann’s mechanical background, coupled with his leadership skills, enabled him to make significant contributions to the company, ensuring the production of high-quality lithium-ion batteries for various applications. His story serves as a true testament: the power of  hard work in achieving professional success.

Matthew Tartaglia

Manufacturing Team Lead

Matthew, a loving husband and devoted father, places family above all else. His second devotion is music, which he pursues fervently. In partnership with his father, the company president, Steven Tartaglia, they opened the doors of the company in 2010. Matthew takes great pride in being part of Lithionics Battery® from its inception. He embarked on his professional journey in the Sales department, quickly demonstrating dedication and exceptional skills. Fueled by a desire for more hands-on work, he transitioned to the Manufacturing Department. Today, Matthew holds the role of Team Lead, a testament to his continuous growth and valuable contributions to the company.

Sinan Sukkar

Manufacturing Team Lead

Sinan (Sam), a proud Palestinian born and raised in a small village in Ramallah, Palestine, is also a proud Michigan Wolverine Fan. “GO BLUE!” Sam initially earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in his native country. In 2013, driven by the pursuit of the American Dream, he left his hometown and committed to earning an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. Sam began his career as an intern in the automotive industry, contributing to General Motors and Ford by designing prototype wire harnesses. In 2020, his adventurous spirit led him to Florida, where he discovered a homecoming environment at Lithionics Battery®. Although Sam’s initial role as a Master Technician was brief, his passion for green energy propelled him forward. Sam continues to ascend in his career, currently fulfilling the role of Manufacturing Team Lead. Time and time again, with his unique blend of humor and boundless energy, became a fundamental part of the Team.


Jacob Zakrajsek

Operations Manager

Jacob is a devoted father and an enthusiast of extreme sports, infusing his unique blend of humor and boundless energy into every endeavor. His unwavering dedication to his son is the driving force behind his numerous accomplishments. Jacob’s passion lies in supporting sustainable living and green energy, reflecting his commitment to our planet. By nature, he is a people person, and his knack for keeping warehouse operations smoothly organized is a testament to his organic talent. Jacob became an integral part of our Lithionics Battery® Team in December 2019. Leveraging his expertise in battery technology and an unyielding focus on efficiency, he actively encourages and fosters manufacturing and supply chain excellence within the company. Furthermore, Jacob’s leadership style and fun-loving personality add a vibrant dimension to the cultural diversity at Lithionics Battery®.

Anthony Pronesti

Shipping Team Lead

Anthony Pronesti, a devoted family man and automotive enthusiast, is happily married and finds immense joy in the company of loved ones. His passion for cars, from tinkering to racing, is a driving force in his life. Additionally, Anthony is an avid gamer, using video games as a thrilling escape into alternate realities. On the professional front, he began his journey as a shipping associate at Lithionics Battery® during his high school senior year. Over almost a decade, Anthony has risen through the ranks with unwavering dedication, ensuring batteries safely reach their destinations worldwide.

Miguel Alonso

Warehouse Team Lead

Miguel, a husband and native of New Jersey, followed his journey to Florida and discovered a welcoming environment at Lithionics Battery®. Here, he has had the opportunity to not only grow and expand personally but also to contribute his decades of experience in warehouse production and inventory management, aiding the company’s growth and expansion. Beyond his professional pursuits, Miguel is also a talented artist who has illustrated and published a children’s book. Currently, he finds joy in writing and illustrating fiction stories, aspiring to publish them someday. Miguel firmly believes that both creating art and writing serve as powerful tools to view problems as opportunities, enabling the application of creative solutions to the challenges that arise within the complex machinery of Lithionics Battery®.

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