Marine and Trolling Motors

Perhaps no other element on earth places as many demands on electrical equipment as water. Not only do marine batteries need to be reliable, but they also must be able to withstand a wide range of temperature swings and frequent downtime. Lithionics Battery® new lithium-ion packs are 2 to 3 times more efficient than traditional lead-acid batteries.  More trolling time, faster re-charge times, eliminating up to 200 pounds from your boat. For an average boat size at 19 feet, this translates into an increase in top-speed of 3 to 5 MPH.  That means more time on the water doing what boating is all about – spending time with friends and creating memories.

Our batteries provide power for RVs, trolling motors, marine accessories and virtually any engine-starting needs. Its corrosion-resistant high quality brass terminals provide reliable starting power in all weather conditions. Its rugged, military-grade construction features robust, yet shockingly light casing  offers superior vibration resistance.



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