This DC-DC boost charger is engineered using advanced high-frequency power conversion technology for efficiently transferring power from a high-output 12V alternator to a 51V house battery for charging. Its features include a compact form factor, high efficiency, regulated voltage, and robust protective functions. It's an ideal solution for applications where a reliable, regulated, and efficient power transfer is critical, such as in service trucks and other specialized vehicles. With a power rating of 2000W, this charger will draw up to 150A from the 12V alternator. To ensure proper operation, it must be used with an appropriately sized alternator and conductors which can handle such loads. For applications with smaller alternators, we recommend contacting Lithionics to inquire about custom programming for the 12V side current limit. This customization will help ensure compatibility and safe operation.

View the datasheet here: 52-158-12-51-2000 DC to DC Boost Charger