User Guides

NeverDie® BMS Advanced Series User Guide

NeverDie® BMS Status Bit Reader application for Windows

NeverDie® BMS Status Bit Reader application for Android

Lithionics Battery® Status Code Consumer Guide

NeverDie® BMS RS232-UART Serial Data Interface

NeverDie® BMS Advanced CANBus Protocol

NeverDie® BMS TCP/IP Display for Windows

NeverDie® BMS V8 UL Listed Version

Lithionics Battery® Switch Functions Guide

Lithionics Battery® DIN System Guide

Lithionics Battery® Field Service Advantages

Lithionics Battery® Storage Procedure

Lithionics Battery® GT Series UL Installation Manual

Wiring Diagram – 24Volt House Battery System

Wiring Diagram – 48Volt Island Independent NeverDie® (BMS)

Wiring Diagram – 48Volt Master-Slave Co-Dependent NeverDie® (BMS)

Wiring Diagram – 48Volt Parallel Battery System with NeverDie® (BMS) and SOC

Wiring Diagram – 72Volt SuperYacht Battery System