automotive batteries


Lithionics Battery® combines power, cycle life and safety to make our products suitable for a variety of automotive applications. Lithionics Battery® combines its modular lithium-ion automated assembly design with advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS) electronics to provide the widest range of automotive and powersports batteries available worldwide. This makes our batteries durable and reliable – a necessity in automotive power. That means that our batteries are both high energy for cranking/starting and stronger for reserve energy power – enabling our batteries to give automobiles stronger engine spark and heightened electronics performance.


low speed electric vehicles


No matter what solution you’re looking for, lithium-ion can give it to you. These lithium packs weigh only 40 to 198 pounds, saving 200 to 400 pounds of lead battery weight. What are the benefits? Increase Power,  Increase Range, Zero Maintenance, 99% Solar Charge Efficient, Decrease Weight, Decrease Charge Time, Protective Battery Management System (BMS).


solar wind


Finally! Lithioncs Battery® has integrated lithium and solar technology. In recent generations, solar and wind technologies has become more advanced, reliable and more affordable. How does storing solar energy in a lithium battery help you: Faster Charging, Much Less weight, No More Dead Batteries, Reduced Generator Use, Longer Overall Life.

Your solar system will re-charge our batteries twice as fast VERSUS lead acid! 


marine and trolling motors


Perhaps no other element on earth places as many demands on electrical equipment as water. Not only do Marine batteries need to be reliable, but they also must be able to withstand a wide range of temperature swings and frequent downtime. Lithionics Battery® new lithium-ion packs are 2 to 3 times more efficient than traditional lead-acid batteries.  More trolling time, faster re-charge times, eliminating up to 200 pounds from your boat. For an average boat size at 19 feet, this translates into an increase in top-speed of 3 to 5 MPH.  That means more time on the water doing what boating is all about – spending time with friends and creating memories.

Our batteries provide power for RVs, trolling motors, marine accessories and virtually any engine-starting needs. Its corrosion-resistant high quality brass terminals provide reliable starting power in all weather conditions. Its rugged, military-grade construction features robust, yet shockingly light casing  offers superior vibration resistance.


portable power


Whether you plan to tent camp or cruise in a luxury travel trailer, you won’t want to be without one of these portable power packs. Our latest patented technology is now on the market and available for you to own. Each pack includes two 120VAC GFCI Protected outlets, 12VDC Terminals and an internal 120VAC Charger. Some options can be customized. So go ahead customize your own power pack today!  Whatever you may need it for – the possibilities are endless.


diesel dile reduction


Strategic Diesel Systems: Idle Reduction, Diesel Elimination, and Diesel Hybrid Batteries. What this means for you: No More Dead Batteries, No More Trickle Chargers, Ability to Store Your RV/Trailer/Coach, Always Ready to Use, Increased Dry Camping Time, Reduced Generator Use (Save $!).




We’re in cars. We’re in the water. We’re on the track. Now, we are in your back-up UPS, lighting and alarm systems.

Alternative energy sources – such as wind and solar – are brought to life and usefulness when matched with efficient lithium-ion. Lithionics Battery® high energy/high density lithium-ion batteries provide our customers with cost-effective, efficient energy storage solutions.


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